Aromatherapy Properties

Aromatherapy Cautions And Properties
Why Are Flower Fairy Ingredients Considered Premium Quality
The Benefits/Properties Of Individual Aromatherapy Oils

Cautions And Properties

*This information is not considered as medical advice. This is not a substitute for consulting with your physician or other health care provider. *Legally we must recommended before you start any health regime/product you should consult a doctor, or licensed professional practitioner *This is to be used solely as informational, not as a cure or recommendation, not to diagnose, prevent or treat any medical condition.
*Properties have not been proved of disproved by the FDA Essential oils are not appropriate for all individuals.
*If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or have a pre-existing medical condition, especially seizures, high blood pressure, diabetics, or have skin  photo-sensitivity etc., to confirm it is appropriate to use certain aromatherapy essential oil and/or herbal preparation from a licensed health professional.
*Different individuals can have allergies to many products, so if you experience any irritation discontinue the product.
*All beauty products recommend also trying it initially on a small area of skin to ensure it is appropriate for you.
*These aromatherapy products are not to be ingested internally or used on mucous membranes, or on presently irritated skin.
*If irritation does occur discontinue use.
*Persons can have allergies, not only to synthetic products but natural products too. Full strength undiluted essential oils can also cause skin irritation.
*Oil based Products can stain delicate or white fabrics.
*The information and procedures contained in the following information are based on research from the author "A Complete Guide For Understanding and Using Essential Oils For Vibrant Health and Beauty, Roberta Wilson. Also used was "The Book of Practical Aromatherapy", by William and Lynn Lee, CN, D.SC, R.Ph. The publisher, author of these quoted books and of this web site are not responsible for any adverse effects resulting from the information contained in these references.
*All matters regarding your health should be supervised by a health care professional.

Why Are Flower Fairy Ingredients Considered Premium Quality Safety

*Flower Fairy essentials are pre-blended in carrier oil and can be used more safely than straight essential oil that do not have carrier oil added. *The combinations have complementary essential oils blended to work in synergy.
*Flower Fairy products do not contain synthetic fragrance, there are no chemical preservatives, no colours, dyes, additives or ingredients not identified on the label.
*The healing and medicinal components of natural aromatherapy, (which are non-synthetic scents), have been found scientifically in numerous studies to have positive mind and body healing effects, both emotionally and physically. No studies have proven this to be the case in synthetic, non-natural, fragrant scented products or oils.
*In fact the synthetically reproduced products have been molecular modified and are made with numerous artificial scents, colours, dyes and solvents, which can cause negative reactions in individuals.
*Some individuals when they are exposed to artificial scents and perfumes, which we may think, smell nice can cause ill effects.
*Individuals who are chemically sensitive, have asthma, allergies, respiratory problems and have challenges with their immune systems can react the worse to these artificial chemicals.
*The artificial scents and fragrant oils which are synthetic and the chemicals used to produce them have been known to cause nausea, headaches, light-headedness, and breathing problems.

Why Are Flower Fairy Considered Premium Quality? Why Are Our High Quality Base Oils Important?

*The essential oils, and carrier oils are 100% pure, natural, non-synthetic hence therapeutic. When ever possible are wild crafted/organic.
*To preserve their quality we use the safest and highest quality packaging for all our products to keep them in optimal therapeutic preservation. Tinted glass bottles and jars are used for this reason. Plastic jars can allow products to degrade, oxide and lose their beneficial proprieties quicker than glass. Studies lately also indicate softer plastic bottles can leach harmful residues from the containers into the products even.
*They have increased healing properties and are naturally preserved through their natural beneficial ingredients The high quality, cold pressed carrier oils used.
*Flower Fairy Herbal Healers use of one of the best oils available, grape seed oil, which has beneficial qualities in its self: Grapeseed oil is very light, odourless, easily absorbed into the skin, and known not to aggravate acne. It penetrates the skin to the dermal layers due to the fact it is a natural and non-synthetic/ non-petroleum based oil. It is more powerful than vitamin E in preventing free radical damage. Anti-oxidants assist in neutralizing free radicals, these highly reactive molecules damage cell. It helps recycle the vitamin E and vitamin C in the skin, fight free radical damage and thus ease inflammation and speed recovery in skin and muscle and increase the integrity of capillaries and veins. This is due to its ability to help curb-deteriorating actions of free radicals by binding to elastin and collagen in the blood vessel walls therefore strengthening them. It helps to improve the look and feel of skin. Grape seed oil is often used in high end, professional massage therapy clinics due to these properties. (5,12,15,25)

What Are The Flower Fairy Natural , Safer Preservatives We Use?

*Flower Fairy Bath and Massage oils use only natural preservatives jojoba, and natural vitamin E, grape fruit seed extract.
*They have natural ingredients in them that work as anti-oxidant, ant-bacterial, anti-protozoa agents, these properties occur naturally in the plant or oil.
*This enables extention their shelf life naturally.
* These also provide additional positive healing qualities to the preparation.
*Jojoba oil is a very similar composition to human oils found naturally in skin like sebum. It quickly penetrates and nourishes, softens and moisturizes the skin. Used for inflamed skin conditions and it normalizes skin's oil production. It too is an anti-oxidant that keeps preparations from going rancid. (5,10,12,15)
*Natural vitamin E oil is used as a natural preservative and is an anti-oxidant that extends the shelf life of other carrier oils and aromatherapy blends. It promotes skin healing and cell regeneration. It can prevent scarring and it may help fade existing scars with regular use. It is not natural unless it states it is Alpha-Tocopherol (the DL-Alpha Tocopherol is synthetic, cheaper and not scientifically proven to have the same positive properties). (5,10,12,15) It is know when used topically it can be used safely used to improve and/or reduce stretch marks with regular use.
* Grape fruit seed extract. Citrus oils have anti-microbial properties. It is extracted from the grapefruit seed and it is used as a natural preservative, natural bactericide and stabilizer. (5,14)

What Other Ingredients Make Flower Fairy Herbal Healer's Such Premium Healing Products?

*A base of actual healing herbals, macerated (soaked) in oil to extract the healing properties of the herbs. By using an actual healing therapeutic herb in the base of a moisturizing product you get many additional benefits besides the high quality moisturizing the base oils such as olive oil
*Scientific studies stated olive oil helps reduce damage from the sun.
*Grape seed oil (helps capillaries, veins, inflammation and free radical damage) etc.
*The Olive Oil base is used in all creams/salves that are not coconut/coco butter based.
*An Extra, Extra virgin olive is always used that is cold-pressed (meaning no solvents were used to express the oil and this is due to that fact it is the first press of the olives and naturally comes out without the used of solvents).
*Properties of olive oil include it is an emollient, restorative, and helps repair some sun damages, lasted scientific studies have stated. Olive oil soothes, heals and lubricates the skin. It has very therapeutic properties that are very beneficial to skin.(12)
*Olive oil is very stable nutritive oil which stayed fresh and rancid-free, longer than most other oils.
*Olive oilt has anti-inflammatory, protective properties. An olive oil base has most often been used, historically by herbalists over the centuries.(1,2,6,9)
*Coconut oil is a semi-solid highly saturated fat expressed from the kernels of the coconut. (13) Excellent moisturizer that serves as a protective layer, retaining moisture within the skin. (14)
*Cocoa butter is a excellent natural emollient (a material that prevents dryness, offers relief from dryness, protects the skin, and helps eliminate rough flaky skin.
*Cocoa butter Cocoa butteris known for it's rich texture and used on stretch marks
*Cocoa butter, over time continual use helps creates a flexible and smooth surface on the skin and even soften fine lines) that lubricates and protects the skin. It is solid fat expressed from the roasted seed of the cocoa plant.(5,13,15)
*Cocoa butter has as rich texture and used on stretch marks, plus has that yummy vanilla/chocolate smell!

Why Not Synthetic Petroleum/Mineral Bases And Water In Products ?

*Flower Fairy Herbal Healers never use any water in any of their products. The less water in a product, the less chances of bacterial growth. *The use of natural oils as a base instead makes them a more concentrated, nutritive and therapeutic product.
*You are not paying for the mere water in products.
*However, natural oils are much more expensive to use in products, but much more beneficial.
*Flower Fairy Herbal Healers never use: Petro-chemicals, Synthetic Oils or Hydrocarbons. Examples of these are: Mineral oil, paraffin, ozokerite, ceresin, silicone waxes / oils and parabens.
*See why buy flower fairy natural products for more details.
*All the ingredients are stated on the label of Flower Fairy Herbal Healers. The first ingredient is the most concentrated in amounts and the subsequent ingredients are listed in descending order to indicate the approximate amounts in each product.
*Other companies' can use an ingredient on the front label or in the may contain portion of the ingredients and may only contain a drop of it, for marketing and cost reasons.
* No regulatory body requires full or partial disclosure of ingredients in products in Europe and Canada. (12) That is why identical products in the USA have much longer and detailed ingredients list and do not use catch Phrase "May Contain".

If They Say Natural Are They?

*No, not necessarily.
*It is a marketing buss
*Look at the ingredients your self.
Ask yourself the following questions:
Do you recognize them?
Even if they have natural ingredients in them are the synthetic?
Are they in a base of chemicals such as laurel sulfate and preservative?
Are you paying for water mostly?
Therefore needing more chemical preservatives?
Are they in non-beneficial bases of petroleum, mineral oil etc?

Why Go For Tinted Glass Containers Instead Of Plastic And Clear Glass Packaging ?

*Flower Fairy Herbal healers always use tinted glass containers for the increase potency, integrity and longevity of products and for the safety of the consumers' health.
*Plastics: See why buy flower fairy natural products for more details .
*Metal Containers: Metal containers were not recommended because reactions that severely degraded polysaturated oils were catalyzed by metal -ions." Omega Nutrition.

 How Can You Improve The Integredityand Shelf Life Of Your Natural Products?

*Store in a cool dark place when you are not using them.
*The fridge is perfect!
*Always buy products in tinted, dark glass bottles.
*Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.
*Keep sealed when not in use.
*Have clean hands and/or spoon if scooping out of jar directly.
*Usually the guide-lines for cosmetics eye make, up throw out every 3 months.
*Body care products natural or not should be tossed out within 3 years even with the ones with synthetic preservatives in it.
*Flower Fairy Products DO NOT contains any water so if the oil does not smell rancid you can use them perhaps for several addition years!

The Value Of Botanical And Aromatic Plants

"Virtually all-ancient cultures recognized the value of botanical and aromatic plants, and practiced primitive forms of aromatherapy. The ancient Egyptians were among the first practitioners of aromatherapy. The ancient Greeks learned about aromatics and botanicals from the Egyptians. They in turned passed it on to the Romans. By the 13th century Europe and the East's trading links strengthened and so did the popularity of the use of essential oils throughout Europe. By the middle of the 16th century many Europeans even used them in their public fountains during festivals. In the 1920's Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist perfumer coined the term aromatherapy."(12,15)

The Benefits/Properties Of Individual Aromatherapy Oils

EUCALYPYUS : "Many popular topical medications rely on eucalyptus to help relieve joint pain, muscle aches, and the swelling that accompany arthritis, rheumatism, and injuries." It is excellent for helping speed recovery from sore muscles after fitness. This is due impart from reducing inflammation and circulation. Also for that annoying accompanying athlete's foot fungus." "Eucalyptus has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and helps loosen mucus, nasal congestion, calm coughs, ease flue and cold symptoms, cools down fevers and aides sore muscles, this can be accomplished by using a small amount and adding it to a bath or inhaling it." "It can also help improve some headaches and due to it's refreshing and stimulating nature may help concentration." It has been traditionally used as an insect repellent and for bite relief of non-poisonous insect bites."(12,15). CAUTION: MAY IRRITATE SOME INDIVIDUALS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL (Lavandula officinalis): "Lavender it is know that ancient Romans added lavender to their baths to relieve fatigue and stiff joints." "Medieval Europeans considered Lavender the herb of love. Many claimed it had aphrodisiac properties."(12) "Apply externally for mild burns, wounds, it has renowned skin softening qualities." It is known to help stress headaches, aches and pain."(1) Lavender is excellent on skin disorders and inflammatition and eases the pain and discomfort of muscle aches, spasms injuries and is well know for it's healing properties: such as it's help with easing bruising, cuts and non-poisonous insect bites." (12) "Lavender calms and soothes the skin. It balances oil production and help relieve mind sunburns. Through out Europe physicians and psychologists recommend the natural aromatherapy of lavender oil improving emotional. It may help lift mood, ease nervousness, relax the mind and enhance sleep. It has also been noted to help strengthening the immune system (perhaps due to it anti-septic qualities?)"(12)

CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL ( Matricaria chamomilla): "Ancient Egyptians massage chamomile into their skin to alleviate aches and pains and to relieve muscle soreness and spasms"(12) "It has natural ant-bacterial and anti-fungal properties"(12) Modern European practitioners use chamomile to help sedate, reduce stress and aid in digestion. It is used to heal skin problems and encourages skin regeneration. The Azulene is one of the active ingredients, a natural chemical component and is largely responsible for it's anti-inflammation action. This key component helps enable it to reduce swelling, used in mild pain relief and wound healing, swelling, calming actions on irritated skin. This is why it can be helpful in skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, mild sunburn, and helps aid in broken capillaries."(5)(12). Chamomiles properties also include an ability to help infections, irritations, and may speed up the healing process. Know to quicken healing of injuries such as bruises, inflamed tendons, swelling, sprains and/or over exerted muscles." (12). It has shown to have positive effects on conditions such as PMS, helps lift mood, improve sleep, eases irritability, reduce stress headaches and gas." (12).

CLARY SAGE (Salvia sclarea): " Relaxes muscles and helps sooth muscle spasm, tightness and muscle inflammation." " Aids skin inflammation, mild burns, wounds and itching. Promotes skin cell regeneration. Assists the skin to look healthy and controls excess oil production" "It has been noted to improve immune function." "Clary sage helps calm the mind and ease stress." It has been indicated to be of benefit in relieving physical and emotional symptoms of some feminine related conditions such as PMS and menopause. It helpful with cramps, muscles aches, emotional stress, nervous tension, helps headaches and hot flashes." "Clary sage has been considered an aphrodisiac." (5, 12, 15) Some people say it increases their intuition and make dreams more vivid. "CAUTION AVOID CLARY SAGE ESSENTIAL OIL DURING PREGNANCY DUE TO ITS MENSTRUAL STIMULATORY EFFECTS. AVOID DRIVING WHEN USING IT, DUE TO THE FACT IT CAUSES DROWSINESS AND INCREASE THE EFFESTS OF ALCOHOL". (12)

GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL (Pelargonium roseum): "Geranium essential oil has stimulating actions and promotes the regeneration of skin cells, hence the healthy, radiant glow that appears with its use on the skin. It speeds healing of acne and blemishes. It also soothes dry sensitive skin." "It improves the appearance of broken capillaries and varicose veins. It's astringent properties helps to tone and tight tissue. These properties are possible due to its stimulation effect on the lymph system and circulatory systems. This is can be accomplished due to the reduction in water accumulation and sluggish drainage, hence helping to eliminate the acclimating toxins by improving circulation and drainage of these toxins. This is also accomplished by it diuretic properties which increases the urination and degrease fluid retention." These qualities make it an excellent choice for those wanting to help improve poor circulation related condition. By helping improve the circulation and drainage you in turn help improve conditions such as cellulite, dull skin and inflamed skin and muscle and joints. (5, 12, 15) "Emotional effects of geranium include improved self expression and help lift moods."(12) "Geranium oil is know to be helpful in reducing pain and may fight infection. It helps stop mild bleeding externally of minor cuts" (12) "CAUTION IF YOU HAVE CONDITIONS SUCH AS HYPOGLYCEMIS (LOW BLOOD SUGAR) OR YOUR BLOOD SUGAR FLUXUATES AVOID THIS ESSENTIAL OIL, DUE TO ITS NATURAL ABILITY TO LOWER BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL"(12)

JASMINE ESSENTIAL OIL (Jasminum officinale) : "Jasmine has delicate star shaped sweet, fragrant flowers. In many religions the flower symbolizes hope, happiness and love." Their scent is known to be one of the most exotic. "It is an excellent essential oil for dehydrated, dry, mature skin with its qualities for smoothing, soothing and toning skin. Jasmine has been used to normalizes oil production in the skin" " Jasmine is chiefly cultivated in Asia, the Mediterranean, India and Northern Africa. In China jasmine is known as Moli and the Hindus call it moonlight of the grove. Western cultures use it as an aphrodisiac scent. The Chinese use it to aid nervousness and is known to be a calming essential oil. Jasmine is a Japanese favourite for tea and incense. Jasmine in India was called the Queen of the Night and used for increasing loving feelings and spiritual growth. It is very often used by international and high end perfume companies." "Jasmine flowers are harvested only at night. It takes about 1,000 pounds of Jasmine flowers, 3.5 million blossoms to yield 1 once of jasmine essential oil." For these reasons it is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. It is the only essential oil Flower Fairy Herbal Healers use that is a blend of natural and synthetic essential oil of jasmine. This enables the consumer to have access to this normally, unavailable exotic oil. This is possible due to the blend is a significantly lower price. However the natural components and natural properties are still included and thus it is still beneficial in it's properties. We are always aware of the source and quality of all our essential oils. (5,12) CAUTION AVOID JASMINE ESSENTIAL OIL DURING PREGNANCY OR NURSING. THIS IS DUE TO THE FACT IT CAN BRING ON MENSTRUAL FLOW. (5,12)

JUNIPER ESSENTIAL OIL (Juniperus communis) : "This essential oil was one of the most popular in Egyptian times. Even as far as in biblical times it was used for protection. Hospitals even burned juniper to help with the infection aid borne epidemics of 1800's. Native North Americans have been historically noted to have used this of topical conditions associated with inflammation, cleansing and wound healing." "It juniper too is a diuretic, as is geranium, which increase the elimination of wastes, decrease fluid retention, increases sluggish circulation and thus improves the elimination of toxins, which sometimes." "Juniper is still used in products which are used topically to reduced swelling, pain and inflammation of joint and muscles." "This essential oil is also popular in products which are used as aromatherapy and /or ointments to help improve congestion and ease mild coughs, colds and mild respiratory conditions, this may in part be due to it germ fighting properties." "It is not only good for muscle and joint inflammation but also inflamed skin conditions too. It improves the appearance of broken capillaries and varicose veins. This essential oil has stimulating actions, which increase circulation; hence giving the appearance of a healthy, radiant glow that may appear with its regular use on the skin. It is known to promote the regeneration of skin cells. These qualities make it an excellent choice for those wanting to help improve poor circulation related condition. By helping improve the circulation and drainage you in turn help improve conditions such as cellulite, dull skin and inflamed skin and muscle and joints. It speeds healing of acne and blemishes." (5,12,15) "Essential oils commonly have similar effects on the physical as well as the emotional. Emotional qualities include properties which may help clear mental clutter, and may help cleanse others negative emotions from you, due to its traditional purifying and protective qualities."(12) "CAUTION AVOID JUNIPER ESSENTIAL OIL DURING PREGNANCY DUE TO ITS MENSTRUAL STIMULATORY EFFECTS. THOSE WITH KIDNEY PROBLEMS SHOULD ALSO AVOID THIS ESSENTIAL OIL DUE TO ITS STIMULATIRY EFFECTS ON THE KIDNEYS"(12)

MANDARIN/TANGERINE OIL (Citrus reticulata): "This variety is native to China and India. Mandarin/tangerine essential oils have a warm, and exotic sweet orange smell. " "They are used as a general tonic, mood lifter, calming, stress reliever, helpful to some PMS symptoms, nausea aid and for upset stomach, especially in children and/or when it is caused by being nervous." "Digestive aide/stimulant and are useful in mild constipation and hence increase waste elimination. They are mild diuretic and a lymph stimulant, which eliminates more waste products, decreases fluid retention and puffiness."(5, 12, 15). "It is not only good for muscle and joint inflammation but also inflamed skin conditions too. It improves the appearance of broken capillaries and varicose veins. This essential oil has stimulating actions, which increase circulation; hence giving the appearance of a healthy, radiant glow that may appear with its regular use on the skin. It is known to promote the regeneration of skin cells. These qualities make it an excellent choice for those wanting to help improve poor circulation related condition. By helping improve the circulation and drainage you in turn help improve conditions such as cellulite, dull skin and inflamed skin and muscle and joints." "Mandarin/tangerine can be beneficial to the skin due to their natural vitamin C content. It can aide in collagen production and therefore increases the youthful qualities of the skin. These properties may reduce fine lines with regular use. It has skin softening abilities, helps blemishes by increasing circulation/waste reduction." (5, 12, 15). CAUTION: CONSULT PROFESSINAL AROMATHERAPIEST IF YOU ARE PREGANT TO CONFIRM IT IS APPROPRIATE. IF THEY CONFIRM IT MAY BE USED AFTER THE 5TH MONTH OF PREGNANCY. WHEN APPROVED PROFESSIONALLY, AND DILUTED APPROPRIATELY CAN BE USED FOR MOTHER AND CHILDREN. IS MILDLY ACIDIC MAY IRRITATE SOME INDIVIDUALS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN. DO NOT USE BEFORE GOING INTO THE SUN, DUE TO FACT IT MAY INCREASE PHOTO SENSITIVITY (5, 12, 15,26)

ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL (rosmarinus officinalis): In flower lore rosemary means "remembrance", possibility because of its ability to improve memory. Students in ancient Greece wore garlands of rosemary on their heads while studying. Elizabethan physicians used rosemary to treat headaches. (12) "Today European doctors use rosemary oils in medicinal treatment for arthritis, colds, coughs, mood elevation, improve memory of patients, for the flu and muscle spasms." `Rosemary is used for inhaling to aid in congestion, improve mild respiratory ailments, sinus and immune improvements." (5, 12, 15) "It is a stimulating oil which helps with improving circulation. It can reduce pain and swelling of arthritis, muscles, spasms, injuries and sprains. When your circulation improves less toxins settle in joints which causes less inflammation which in turn causes less pain."(12) "Rosemary is known to increase cellular metabolism and assists in drainage of the lymph system. When it stimulates cell renewal it helps turn over skin cells and is put in combinations for anti-dandruff products. The fact it soothes inflammation aid in it helping itchy, inflamed skin and dermatitis. Well know to be an aid in healing wounds and mild burns and helps fight and heal blemishes. This is accomplished by its ability to help control oiliness, work as a anti-bacterial agent, increases circulation and thus helps move toxins."(12) "A beauty oil, which helps improve the appearance of capillaries and veins by improving the circulation. Rosemary astringent properties help tighten the tissues. Due to these properties it helps with cellulite and to help ease inflammation conditions of the joint sand muscles." (5, 12, 15). "CAUTION AVOID ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL IF YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL WITH SEIZURE DISORERS, IT CAN TRIGGER EPPILETIC SEIZURES IN SUSPECTIBLE INDIVIVUALS. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, IT CAN RAISE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. MAY CAUSE SKIN SENSITIVITY IN THOSE INDIVIDUALS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN."(12)

PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL (Mentha piperita): Peppermint is quite a common herb and aromatherapy product. "For thousands of years Asians, Egyptians, And Native Americans have used peppermint with digestive difficulties. During the 18th century it was a well-known medicine throughout Europe." "Peppermint products can be purchased in pharmacies and natural food store for upset stomach, sluggish digestion, bloated bellies, and to health gas It eases motion sickness and nausea." " Peppermint essential oil has stimulating properties not only to the digestive system but to the mind. It is used in formulas to help with jet lag, and to increase clear thinking and can help with mental fatigue. It also may help with headaches." "Peppermint oil can also relax the spasm and discomfort of stiff, sore inflamed muscle, and sprains and strains. It's cooling effect can help lower mild fevers, reduce warm conditions like mild sunburn, itching, and dermatitis and it helps control oil production." "Peppermint `s stimulating effect also helps improve circulation which helps dull skin, blemishes, aches and pains, and inflammation. It constricts capillaries and minimizes veins and redness of these." (12, 15, 27) "CAUTION AVOID PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL DURING PREGNANCY OR NURSING. THIS IS DUE TO THE FACT IT CAN STOP MILK FLOW AND BRING ON MENSTRUAL FLOW. THIS ESSENTIAL OIL MAY CAUSE SKIN SENSITIVITY, IN THOSE INDIVIDUALS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN. IT MAY RAISE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. " (12)

YLANG YLANG (Cananga ororata): They scent is known to be sweet, fresh, floral, seductive, exotic, and intoxicating. " The plant is originally native to Southeast Asia and the Philippines. They are only picked shortly after sunrise. It is quite a popular aromatherapy scent used in the perfume industry.' "In Indonesia the marriage beds of newly weds would be covered with the ylang ylang flowers. This tradition is due probably to the fact it has been used in may times and regions as an aphrodisiac. It is said to foster loving feelings. It has a reputation for helping with sexual disorders for men and woman. This is perhaps due to the effects it has, such properties as it is suppose to increases sensuality, reduces stress and increases relaxation and circulation." "In Samoa and Tonga cultures they used it for indigestion and stomach aches" "Ylang ylang is a calming essential oil that helps with calming the mind, helps relief nervous tension, and encourages positive emotions and also reduces tension in muscles. It is an aid to circulation and can decreases blood pressure." "It has been used in feminine conditions such as menopause and PMS, to regulate periods, ease cramps, lift moods and calm." "For many centuries people in the tropics have scented their coconut oil with ylang ylang essential oil for its scent and beauty benefits. It is also been used on mildly inflamed skin and dermatitis. Ylang ylang is also excellent at controlling excess oiliness. It has anti-bacterial properties, which make it excellent for helping blemished skin. It stimulates new cell growth so it is popular for fine lines, to help smooth and soften skin and ads in firming and eases facial tension." "Ylang ylang is Know to increase creativity, intuition and balance out the male /feminine qualities in people."(12, 15, 27)