Food Testing

Clinic Procedures:

New Patient Consultation ½ hour
Consultation, with 30 Point Organ System Test
½ hour 
Bio-Chemical Supplement Compatibility Testing ½ hour 
Food Testing (200 Food, Beverages and Spices) 1½ hour 

Additional Detailed Full Food Group Food Testing Mix & Match:
Full Animal Protein Panel (Fish, Shellfish, Poultry & Dairy (100 items)
Vegetables & Fruit (120 items)  Legumes & Grains (45 items)
Beverages (Non-Alcoholic & Alcoholic) (25 items) 
Seeds, Nuts, Oils & Essential Oils (80 items) 
Sweeteners, Thickeners & Spices (85 items) 

Non-Food Allergy Testing:
Pollens, Moulds & Fungi (240 items) 
Heavy Metal & Elements (190 items) 
Animal Hair, Fabrics, (Natural & Synthetic) & Dust & Mites (75 items) 
Phenolic Testing & Food/Item Reference Sheets (60 items) 
(Groups of Common Natural Occurring Chemicals & Aromatic Compounds - Inhaled/ Ingested, Can Cause Allergic Reactions)

Accumulative Environmental Body Toxin tests:
Chemical Body Toxins (PCB's, Dyes, Tars etc.) (700 items) 
Biological Body Toxins (Bacterial, Viral, Fungal) (1500 items) 
Geopathic, Physical & Radiation Stress: Radio Frequency, Cell Phones/Tower, Home Electronics, Natural & Man-Made Electro Magnetic Fields (80 items)

Jacqueline Clow has been in the Holistic Health field for over 15 years being a practitioning Etnobiotanist and Herbalist working most of these years in one-on-one patient nutrition and supplement advising and/or health store management. She is presently the owner of Victoria Holistic Nutrition Clinic.

For over 10 years she has assisted Naturopathic Physicians in their practices, assisting in patient care, Vega Organ/Food/Allergy Sensitivity Testing and working with clients building a health, supplement, lifestyle and nutrition protocol to support these results.

She has been a Certified Computerized Electrodermal Screening Practitioner (CEDS) for 10 years. The equipment used for the Organ/Food/Allergy/Environmental Sensitivity Testing is a Computerized Electrodermal Screening Device and is one of the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment available. Recently she has successfully completed the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences Program and has completed additional specialization in Hormonal Imbalances, Heavy Metals and Toxic Dental Complexities, and Innate and Acquired Immune Insufficiencies.

For most of these years she has also ran a successful herbal health and body care company growing, formulating, producing and supplying products to vitamin stores, pharmacies, naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists and the general public across Canada and the US ( While enrolled in the University of Victoria BSc Program, her foundational health education  was majoring in biology, medical biology, genetics, molecular biology and anatomy psychology and chemistry.

1. What Is Food Allergy, Sensitivities, How It Effects Migraines & ADD?
2. Food & Allergy Sensitivities Effects on Weightloss & Cravings
3. Food & Allergy Sensitivities Effects  Aging. How Well are my Vitamins Working?
4. What Is Allergy Testing With (CESDS) Computerized Electrodermal Screening ?
5. What are Environmental Sensitivities? How Do They Effect My Health?
6. What should you look for in Practitioners who perform Food, Allergy, Environmental And Holistic Counselling? My Background


"The non-invasive CEDS devices may prove to be the greatest tool against disease created in this century"

(quote from article in IEEE  titled Engineering in Medicine and Biology)

1. What are Food Allergy Sensitivities and How they effect Migraines & Illness?

What is an allergy? A food allergy is usually an adverse reaction to foods in which the immune system is demonstrably involved. Technically "a true allergy" has to be demonstrated in a lab test which involves a relation of an IgE antibody is identified. An allergy is an immune response to either a foreign antigen that results in inflammation and organ dysfunction. A allergen is any substance that is capable of initiating an allergic reaction.

What are the symptoms of Allergies? The symptoms of allergies noted by Physician and individuals which are associated with food & air borne allergies are familiar symptoms, as wheezing, runny nose, increase mucus, itching, skin rashes are other histamine response symptoms of the body.

 What is a Food Intolerance? A food intolerance is any adverse reaction to a food/item, where there isn't a an immunoglobulins IgE antibody that is identified, in a lab test. Although there are adverse reactions often produced, which symptoms' are clinically indistinguishable from a IgE food allergy. These may also involve an immune response. A food Intolerance may occur from the food itself, an additive put in the food, a natural chemical/phenolic found in the food,a naturally occurring toxin in the food such as those occurring in foods like peanut & corn,or due to a metabolic disorder/of the person experience the symptoms.

What is a food sensitivity? A general term encompassing food allergies & food intolerance.

What are the symptoms of food sensitivities? Reactions to foods can also be hidden causes behind an array of health problems. These may include skin problems, digestive disturbances, headaches, migraine headache, mental confusion & fatigue. Along with the regular symptoms associated with an allergy as wheezing, runny nose, increase mucus, itching, skin rashes are other histamine response symptoms of the body. Creating a chronic low level of inflammation that can disable the body's fat storage mechanisms & case multiple  short & long term health problems.

Suzanne Somers/her associated practitioners describe her in her new book Sexy Forever. She as well as many Naturopathic physicians identify a connection between increase of weight gain with food sensitivities & the associated organ/body dysfunction, due to negative reactions they have in the body. Avoiding these food sensitivities & increasing our organ function, knowing ones we need to avoid, can help correct these imbalance & may result in weight loss, increased energy, a decrease in inflammation, which can result in decrease aging and illness.

Many other immunological responses are happening in the body as a result of these allergies. Even many less recognized symptoms responses may be identified in some individuals such as digestive disturbances, effects on mood, behavior, mental alertness, fatigue and aggravated autoimmune disease systems and inflammation. These may occur after individuals have been in contact with or consumed different allergens; naturally found compounds/phenols and synthetic chemicals in food, beverages, air, water and in our environments etc. This may happen immediately, or in a matter of hours & even the following day, depending on the antibody released.

Dietary choices are associated with increase in inflammation responses.  

What is rheumatoid arthritis? Is a chronic systemic disease marked by inflammation of multiple joints. Rheumatoid arthritis can worsened by ingesting food, which are certain varieties of related plants in the nightshade family.These include potatoes, tomatoes,peppers, egg plant.

Regular Physicians do now test for Celiac Disease unless an individual exhibits certain symptoms.

What is Celiac Disease? This is a total allergy to the proteins and gluten in wheat and other foods containing gluten.  

What are the symptoms of Celiac Disease? They may include severe digestive disturbances, dermatitis, great pain, fatigue and intestinal loss. Celiac Disease is a relatively uncommon condition to have, although a much milder, common form is to have a simple sensitivity to wheat and gluten containing foods, due to over consumption and a lack of food rotation.We can test for sensitivity to wheat, gluten and other potential allergens.

Doctors, Pharmacists and Natural Practitioners even now commonly recommend lactase supplements for milk intolerant individuals.

What is lactose intolerance?Is the inability to digest milk and some dairy products. What are the symptoms lactose intolerance? Abdominal bloating, cramping and diarrhea.

Your family Doctor has probably even warned you about some foods not to eat if you are prone to migraine headaches.

What foods can case migraine headaches? Foods have been linked with triggering migraines in some individuals such as red wine, cheese, chocolate and products containing sulfides or certain foods and beverages which contain the same problematic natural food chemicals or phenolics.

What are phenolics? Foods contain different natural food chemicals or phenolics. They are reactive agents found in foods, allergens, supplements, drugs, chemicals and perfumes. These are colors, smells, flavors, neurotransmitters and hormones. Phenolics can cause disease and numerous health related effects, including allergic reactions, unknowingly for some individuals due to lack of awareness that very different foods can contain the same chemicals/phenolics, these associations can be initially unrelated to the average person. Our testing can highlight what phenolic groups are problematic for each individuals.

What's ADD, ADHD and Hyperactivity? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. HDHD is a persistent pattern of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Pediatric Physicians commonly are seeing ADD, ADHD, and other hyperactivity. What foods are linked to aggravating ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity and academic performance? Some cases foods such as sugar, chocolate and caffeine in children's diets and food allergens and the subsequent decrease attention, and associated hyperactivity have been now implicated or worsened  from food allergens.

What studies show foods effect ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity and academic performance? The New York City public school system decided to change childrens School Diet, in light of increasing scientific findings associated with diets and performance. They decreased the amount of sugar, food coloring, synthetic flavorings and two of the most commonly used preservatives. Over the next 4-years there was an associated dramatic 15.7% increase in academic performance.Other such findings that associate adverse health effects like hyperactivity with food sensitivities have been noted in Germany by Dr. Joseph Eggers,Pediatric Neurologist research.

2. How Do Food & Allergy Sensitivities Effects Weight-loss & Cravings?

How is weight loss effected by nutritional deficiencies? The body needs proper nutrition & nutrients to function properly. We need certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals for metabolic and basic energy production. Lack of these and good fats can cause a slower metabolic rate and weight gain. These can be aggravated with associated blood sugar fluctuation from improper diet, nutrition & deficiencies.The lack of these nutrients creates a need for our body to eat more foods looking for it's missing nutrients. In turn causing us to crave foods & gain weight. The more toxic our systems become the poorer our digestive capacity gets, even increasing our lack of nutrients available from our food. The more toxic we get the slower or organs and metabolic pathway function decreasing energy, increasing weight & health problems & aging. With proper digestive abilities, from improving food related inflammation, and proper organ function ( which decreases hormonal imbalances & disease) we can get the nutrients our body literally crave. This will reduce cravings, which can result in proper metabolism, proper weight, and increased vitality & better looking skin! If you liver works proper your whole body functions better, improving your digestion & nutrient absorption burns more calories, burns more fat, excretes more toxins & balance our hormones which can reduce our disease. Toxins store in fat. As we lose fat we lose toxins & lighten our bodies toxic load which can help decrease illness, degenerative diseases. Increase the good fats, decrease the bad ones is important. Our body cravings can't distinguish the good from the bad, it just knows it wants it. The good fats are a far better choice because they burn the bad fat, help our brain, cardiovascular & decrease inflammation, improve our hair, skin, hair are necessary for hormonal balance & reduce aging.

What foods cause weight grain & cravings? We crave a lot of foods we are actually sensitive/allergic to. When we eat foods we are allergic to our body puts out adrenalin & histamines to reduce the inflammation the food is causing in our bodies. Adrenal is a natural endorphin rush. So we like the good feelings we get with foods that are really bad for us. Salt hypes up our adrenalin & so does caffeine, which overtime decreases our energy & burns us out. Food additives such as MSG, artificial sweeteners, refined foods, processed foods, fast foods,white sugar,caffine and additives cause people to be more susceptible to cravings and food addictions, weight gain, associated deficiency & related disease. It is healthy to avoid these for most individuals. Those who are more sensitive to these can react with quite severe side effects. Severe headaches/migraines, mental confusion, insomnia & even result in emotions swings in some individuals.

Why Electrodermal Screening is helpful? It can highlight excess, or deficient foods, vitamins, minerals, allergens, chemicals and identify them and which can help individuals correct these imbalances. Then with the correct supplement or food elimination can result in disease preventions and improvement of the symptoms & increase the health & vitality for you & your body.This will also reduce your body's in inflammation which can result in increase health & longevity, reduce free radicals that increase aging & disease. Well running body/organ systems & sensitivity/allergy reducing can benefit the whole body & mind, which can increase general well being & energy.

3. Aging ~ Age Better With Vitamins. How do I know my Vitamins Work?

How to stop aging? Just taking a pill or using a cream won't do it. It is a whole lifestyle, which we will talk about below. One way is to change your diet to reduce your body's inflammation which causes us to age more rapidly, and by reducing ingestion of the food & beverages that cause it.

"Doctor Michael Murray has Four Cornerstones to Good Health: Taking personal responsibility for achieving & maintaining health & then taking the appropriate actions to get your desired results. They include A Positive Mental Attitude, A Healthy Lifestyle (Exerciser, Sleep, & Health Habits), A Health Promoting Diet, and 3rd Supplementary Measures".

Tools such as our Electrodermal Food Testing Equipment  can help bring your attention to several groups of food which you are sensitive to, that are causing your body to produce an inflammatory response. Connecting you with seemingly unrelated common compounds, and symptoms, you may be having that may be adversely effecting your health and burdening your immune system. In turn causing inflammation increases, which can increase aging and disease. (See Dr. Andrew Weil MDs latest book discussing the connection with inflammation and disease and aging for more details).Susan Summers has just published a book highlighting food sensitives and disease.

How can vitamins help aging and disease? Studies have found having a diet high in antioxidants is beneficial and the likelihood for certain disease can be linked to nutrient deficiency.

What is an antioxidants? An agent that prevents or inhibits oxidation. It may protect our cells from the damaging effects of oxygen radicals which are highly reactive chemicals which play a part in aging, atherosclerosis and some form of cancers.

What vitamins may help aging and disease and how do we get them? In general the best way to get these are in is an optimal diet with whole, natural, live foods, see our Color Your Diet  Healthy page on this site. Vitamins that may help aging and disease, which are considered antioxidants nutrients include vitamin C, E, A and it's associated carotenoids, lutein, flavonoids, selenium, and lipoic acid.

See the tab on this web site Color Your Diet Healthy, to see if you had 9 servings of your plant-based color nutrients in your diet today. An easy and fun guide to getting a broad profile of different colored foods which give you a good balance of these antioxidant nutrients. See the top 10 organic foods to buy on our Color Your Diet Healthy page.

What foods can reduce aging? An optimal diet with whole foods, natural foods & live foods. Natural meaning they resemble how they looked in nature which is unrefined/unbleached/unprocessed/preferably organic, with the least amount of chemicals and additives. Research continues to confirm the important role nutrition is in maintaining health, slowing aging processes and to protect your independence with age. A diet which include  high fresh vegetable & fruit amounts are essential to a life extension program. This is due to their high amounts of available, live enzymes, high contents of vitamins, minerals, carotenes, flavonoids and dietary fiber found in these foods. To prevent free radical damage which can effect such diseases as heart disease it is very important to increase your intake of cold pressed vegetable oils like olive, flax & fish oil, dietary fiber (especially mucilaginous fibers such as flax & pectins). It is also necessary to decrease the bad dietary habits such as reducing the consumption of saturated fats, deep fried foods, cholesterol, white sugar and too much animal protein, and processed foods which are high in chemical additives & preservatives.

Individuals lacking certain amounts of vitamins can compromise their health and increase their likelihood of diseases. The likelihood for certain disease can be linked to nutrient deficiency. Levels are being tested such as vitamin D levels by mainstream Physicians. They are testing patients for different Homo cysteine markers in their blood to see potential cardiovascular risks by looking at the levels of these of different B vitamins.

How do I know my vitamins are working? "Many people swallow vitamins, dietary supplements without having any way of knowing whether they are improving their health or not. Urgently we need some way to assess the value of what we are putting into our bodies. Without such a gauge we rely on our practitioners to prescribe the right therapy without our informed feedback." Quote from the Book Paradox and Healing Medicine, Mythology and Transformation. By Dr. Greenwood and Dr. Nunn, Paradox Publishing, Victoria, B.C. 1992. These Doctors have also highlighted another very important reason that you should consider a health care provider with diagnostic equipment such as the Electro-Dermal Testing Device to give you proper feed back from your body on what it needs and also what is not working for it, to save not only your money but more importantly your health. Electro-Dermal Testing Device matches your individual biochemistry with what supplements or products or remedies that are the best out of 100's of potential products.

What Can Cause Illness & Fatigue, Accelerated Aging And Less Than Optimal Body Functions:

  • Allergic overload from food, air borne pollens, animal danders, dust,  molds,and fungi.
  • Environmental pollutants in the air, soil, water, food, house hold cleaners and garden products, industry, work place, pesticides, food chain and contamination.
  • Ingestion/inhalation of parasites, microbiological agents such as virus and bacteria.Poor nutrition, nutritional, vitamin, mineral deficiencies, lack of water.
  • Dental problems, dental incompatibility, accumulation of heavy metals, from work environments, hobbies, or ingestion
  • Allergens/environmental factors contributing to immune suppression or over activation and/or inflammation
  • Excess/imbalance in diet or utilization of drugs and alcohol.
  • Excessive stress, anger, depression, worry, and over work.
  • Lack of proper sleep, lack of relaxation and peace of mind.
  • An imbalance or lack of exercise poor life style/unhealthy habit(s)

It is important to not just cover up the symptoms but to know the underlying cause of an affliction and its potential negative, internal health consequences. This is important in order to avoid long-tern symptoms and negative health problems that may be resulting potential health problems for the future. Disease Prevention from awareness of embalances!

4. What is Food Allergy and Environmental Testing? What Can Be Identified Through This Screening:

    We use a Computerized Electrodermal Screening Device CEDS/EDS for our Food, Allergy,Organ and Environmental Testing, one of the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment available using traditional Chinese Acupuncture/ EAV (Electroacupuncture) points and technology of MRI's.

   Vega food testing,( the precourser Computerized Electrodermal Screening Device for  Food, Allergy,Organ and Environmental Testing), by the 1940s.  As of the 1990's, it is accepted and practiced around the world by over 100,000 practitioners, 40,000 alone in just Japan & has been highly respected and commonly used in Europe for 75 years now.
    It is not only an effective but also a safe and non-invasive procedure,without the radiation of traditional medical diagnostic equipment. It is used by various Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Dentists and various respected health practitioners in their practices.
    An article in IEEE (Acupuncture in Engineering Index Annual Bioengineering) titled Engineering in Medicine and Biology, by Julie Tsuei 1996 and Chen 1986, states the non-invasive CEDS devices may prove to be the greatest tool against disease created in this century.

    Examples of conventional medicines diagnostic screening devices that use Bio-Energetic principals today include an EKG an Electrocardiogram or an EEG an Electroencephalogram, MRI, and Cat-Scans.
    Electroacupuncture Screening Devices have been very successful in screening for a wide variety of conditions. It has been used to specify causes of system imbalances caused by bacteria, virus & toxins responsible for illness, disease or infection and it can test individual remedies to see what ones can be the most effective to rebalance the system Quote from The book The Alternative MedicineThe Definitive Guide
    Computerized Electrodermal Screening Devices can be used in Food or Environmental Sensitivity Screening. This allows the device operator to store, retrieve, and compare on going patient visits to compile a data base of one or more elements in their lifestyles and environment may be causing illness and imbalance.

   Lifestyles and environments may be causing illness and imbalance these include: Foods and food additives, bio-logical components (bacteria, viruses), heavy metals, dental metal compatibility, airborne allergens from dander, pollens, molds, fungi, and a variety of different chemicals and environmental irritants such as house hold cleaners and additives in body care products, industrial chemicals, and pesticides.
    Once identified the patient can work towards eliminating these factors and be tested on one of the 1000s of more compatible foods and helpful natural products(supplements, herbs, vitamins, homeopathic remedies etc.) in the data base which may help to correct these organ or body system imbalances. In addition we usually work with the client with life style and diet changes, in combination with the results from the screening, to work toward improvements and optimal health and wellness and to help meet any goals or health concerns they have.
    A combination of detailed procedures and precise instrumentation and the skills of the trained operator result in optimal results. During a visit a practitioners with my training and qualifications would do a detailed assessment using anywhere from 1 to 180 acupuncture points. With a Organ Efficiency Test we use 54 of the **acupuncture meridian points on the hands and feet that correspond to that organ system/organ to allow the operator to obtain detailed information on the status of the body, to analyze if you are in balance or not,which can result in dis-ease of the body.

5. How do environmental sensitivities affect me and my health?

    Different chemicals and environmental irritants such as house hold cleaners and additives in body care products, industrial chemicals, and pesticides, can cause environmental sensitivitees can cause symptoms & illness in individuals.
    Commonly people associate symptoms such as respiratory and skin reaction complaints, to some substances in their environment. Certain chemicals also induce subtle abnormalities in an individual. These include but are not limited to behavioral changes, decreased mental alertness, mild confusion, headaches,sore throat, and cough, nasal irritation and mucus and body aches.
    Unknown to us is the additional cellular damage, mutation of our DNA and chemical reactions which have been identified, as contributors to pre-cancerous reactions by some of the more trouble some chemicals in our environment Portions of this was from the book by Doctor Richard Gerber, MD
    600 physicians of the The American Academy of Environmental Medicine have stated some factors which influence individuals susceptibility to sensitivity to diet and environmental agent are: Heredity/Genetics, Poor
    Nutrition, Deficiency In Vitamin, Minerals, Enzymes And Other Vital Nutrients,which may impair the effects of the body's ability to cope with allergies effectively.
    Other factors that increase an individuals susceptibility to the adverse effects to diet and environmental agents stated were Infections, Immune Problems, Chemical Exposure And Stress.

What are the more common chemicals I ingest, several times per day, that can effect me and my health?

    Ill effects can be experienced by some individuals of all ages from food additives, food dyes, colorings, artificial flavors, and preservatives, MSG etc. Doctor Richard Gerber, MD. Also from not what we put in our body, but on it too, which includes health & body care additives and chemicals. The Safe Shoppers Bible is an excellent resource book to identify these!
    Humans have a chemical- filled environment in which we live in on earth, which may produce ill effects in humans and animals alike. These adverse environmental health effects and carcinogens/chemical levels are now based in modern scientific research. This research is backed up globally by The World Health Organization, government agencies (EPA), cancers specialists, environmental scientists, marine biologists and many mainstream and most alternative Physicians and Naturopathic Doctors and other health practitioners.(Portions of this was from the book by Doctor Richard Gerber, MD)
    Knowing what is adversary effecting you the most, can enabling you to avoid it, and it's potential stresses on your body & decrease your general toxic load.

 Why Is The Information From 'What Is Food, Allergy, Environmental Testing' Helpful?

    These subtle health reactions cannot always be easily distinguished and identified by our own observations, though food diaries are an excellent preliminary tool. This is where the benefit of the Electrodermal Acupuncture Screening can become an invaluable tool to identify what items, sources or a combination of these are adversely effective our health and our bodies. You than can more easily limit or then eliminate these items.
    Some experts in the Allergy Sensitivity Screening field have stated that this can sometimes lessens the severity of the reaction over time and it can be possible to reintroduce the item back into your diet after a certain period of elimination. In additional to the elimination, greater positive results can be experienced when your organ system is strengthen, and built up over time with the addition of natural herbs or supplements or other product. The body can become more balance and less susceptible to future sensitivities.
    We also can make larger connections of seemingly unrelated chemicals, which are naturally occurring in foods, called phenols. These can be the chemical item that cause the reaction in the food and is a common chemical in many unrelated food. This can aid in finding patterns to different foods you would not realize were connected. In turn helping you avoid these and be screened for more appropriate alternative foods for your own body.
    Our Electrodermal Acupuncture Screening devise can screen you on 1000s of natural supplements which are beneficial to helping control some unavoidable symptoms and help to strengthen your system over time by giving you a personalized, complementary/beneficial list of remedies to build your system,bringing it back into more of a balanced and a less reactive state.
    A portion of the above information came from the book Vibrational Medicine by Doctor Richard Gerber, MD. Presently Doctor Gerber is practicing Internal Medicine in Livonia, Michigan and has sold well over 125,000 copies of this book.

Background On Environmental Sensitivities:

    The EPA Environmental Protection Agency even 20 years ago had identified over 400 toxic chemicals in human tissue.The American College of Allergy and Immunology have sponsored various Food Allergy Conferences in the past.
    The term Environmental Medicine is Defined As Medicine That Explores The Role Of Dietary And Environmental Allergens In Health And Illness.
    There had been extensive research in this field for over 50 years. Such researches include Theron G. Randolph MD. A a prominent researcher and was a Professor at 4 Medical Universities where he has taught this concept. He been quoted in saying that sensitivity reactions can occur from commonly eaten foods.They can produce a wide range of systems/disease in susceptible individuals. He was a renowned allergy specialist in Chicago and author of the book; Human Ecology and Susceptibility to Chemical Environment, 1962. Dr. Randolph any many other Physicians cite a link between patients illness and environmental factors such as diet, pollens, molds and chemicals.
    See research from Dr. Marshall Mandell, MD, located in Norwalk Connecticut who has been called the Father of Bioecologic Medicine. He has stated, Illness can be aggravated by environmental sensitivity. Medicine has discovered a relationship between many severe health conditions and how they are significantly complicated by allergic reactions. Individuals also positively benefit when they are recognized and treated. He worked closely on the subject of the serious effects allergies have on children's nervous systems and behavior,with Dr. Doris Rapp, MD and former President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.
    Dr. Richard S. Wilkinson MD of Yakima Washington is an expert in Environmental Medicine. He has been quoted in saying physicians who have been practicing environmental medicine for 3-4 decades point out patients illnesses has become more complicated over the years due to increased chemicals. Seldom is the solution to find a single food that causes the patients symptoms. Effective treatment requires changes in lifestyle, diet and environment.
    Electroacupuncture Technology is useful equipment for measuring minute changes and its results are is immediate, faster than other methods, it avoids the unpleasantness and pain associated with tests like the scratch or under the skin injection methods and their associated allergic reactions. It is a safe, painless, non-invasive external method of testing for Environmental and Allergy sensitivities.(Quotes and information above from the Alternative Medicine Guide, The Definitive Guide. A Deepak Chopra, MD recommended book).

6. What should you look for in Practitioners who perform Food, Allergy, Environmental, and Holistic Counselling?

    There are many practitioners and devices for Food/Allergy/Organ Function and  Sensitivity Testing, in addition to traditional diagnostic procedures. Who ever you chose should be certified/practicing for a number of years.
    There should have an accredited course in Food/Allergy Testing  & hands on patient care experience. Ask their number of patient hours or years they have accumulated. It is necessary to have a background in Nutrition, Health, Supplements, Holistic Counselling etc. This is necessary to give more meaning to the diagnostic results and look at the person as a whole.
    A generic print out is not always good enough, for each of us are individuals with our personal health needs and this must be analyzed to insure proper, optimum treatment and safety.

    Diagnostic machines are a tool, an aid to patient care and should not alway be solely dependent on for the whole patient care. These are just as good as the operators using them and their experience of analyzing their data. Without proper experience and a broad health and nutrition background the usefulness and effectiveness of these results can be limited sometimes, and less effective.
     There is no substitute for knowledge and experience, with this you can surpass just the results of a diagnostic tool and have a Holistic or whole body recovery plan.For your practitioners to be most effective it seems familiarity with Health and Nutrition protocols and experience along with equipment familiarity can yield the best results for the individual.

My Background In Food, Allergy, Environmental Testing And Holistic Counselling:

     I have been in the Health Field for over 15 years. My experience has varied from apprenticing under Canadas top Health and Vitamin Counsellors to Victorias most renowned herbalists. Working most of these years in one- on-one patient a nutrition and supplement advisor and/or management. Through out the years I proceeded to establish, train staff, manage, and promote Health Food Stores in Canada for individuals.
     Practiting Etnobiotanist & herbalist for over the last 15 years. I have attended various seminars from the worlds leading experts in Naturopathic Medicine, top Holistic Physicians, Homeopathic Medicine Practitioners, and Herbalists, Bach Remedy Therapists etc. who have written books that most Holistic Practitioners use as references guides in their daily practices.
     For many years have assisted Naturopathic Physicians in their practices and assisting in patient care and have been responsibleoing their Vega Organ/Food/Allergy Sensitivity Testing and then building a health, supplement, lifestyle and nutrition protocol to support these results.
    The equipment I use for the Organ/Food/Allergy/Environmental Sensitivity Testing is a Computerized Electrodermal Screening Device. It is one of the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment available. As quoted above many governments,universities and Medical Doctors, and Naturopathic and Biologocial Dentist have acquired years of successful and effective results. Its effectiveness is comparable in results to tradition diagnostic practices from mainstream medical practices,allergists,blood and testing.
     I have beena Certified Computerized Electrodermal Screening Practitioner for 10 years.The program I received was from one of the actual founders of Computerized Electrodermal Technology in USA . Presently I am completing additional specialization in Hormonal Imbalances, Heavy Metals & Toxic Dental Compexities, & Innate & Acquired Immune Insufficiences in Canada at the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences
    For most of these years I have also ran a successful herbal health and body care company Flower Fairy Herbal Healer, supplying products to health and vitamin stores, pharmacies, naturopaths,chiropractors, massage therapists,other health practitioners and the general public across Canada/ U.S. Also shipping my product from our on line web site to individuals and practices accross the word.
     Enrolled in the University of Victoria BSc, majoring in Biology,medical biology, genetics, molecular biology and anatomy Psychology,& Chemistry.
    Hold a Diploma in Natural Nutrition, I am a certified Holistic Nutritional Counsellor, Registered Nutritional Counsellor, Naturotherapist and a Certified Electrodermal Practitioner for over 10 years in North America.


     Professor Cyril Smith of the University of Salford, England and other practitioners such as myself, have used the Electronic Acupuncture Testing equipment to determine and treat allergies successfully.
    This is done by testing diets, artificial dyes, major chemicals in their environment along with mold spores, house dust, and various pollens to analyze patient allergies and the best remedies for each individual. In recent years Electronic Acupuncture Meridian testing machines have been used for preliminary diagnostic screening of government employees in Japan; since it measures internal organ function that has been show to predict serous pathology, which has been later collaborated by conventional Western diagnostic testing. Quote from optimal Wellness Book by Ralph Golan, MD.
    For additional information see studies by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama of Japan and Dr. Yoshio Manaka who are well known researchers and scientists in this field. Researchers at the University of Hawaii compared a diabetic population with a control using Electro dermal acupuncture screening and measured the spleen-pancreas meridian. The resulting data demonstrated a 95-97.5% correspondence between the Elecrtodermal Acupuncture assessment and the traditionally confirmed method of the diabetic group testing. Quote from Alternative Medicine Book.
    Another study at the University of Hawaii compare electro acupuncture
    assessment of the allergy meridian with 6 other methods of assessing food allergies and the Electrodermal Acupuncture Screening method gave the highest compatibility with the Food-Re-Challenge Test. The Food-Re- Challenge test is the most sensitive of currently available diagnostic techniques for determination of food allergies.
    Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Southern California University, were also able to demonstrate an 87% correlation Electro Acupuncture Screening results and traditional x-ray diagnosis.

    This combines Acupuncture principals of Electroacupuncture**(acupoint/meridian based electronic system) with Electrodermal Screening. It takes principals from the East with the 5000 year old practice of Acupuncture and Western and Eastern Medicine and Science, Physics, Anatomy, and Chemistry with Electrodermal Technology. It uses the knowledge from Science and Engineering, along with modern Bio-energetic Medicine principals. CEDS is based in Bio-Energetics, which is the field of Biology which studies energy.
    The Natural Institute of Health says Bio-Energetics is the Scientific study of interactions between living organisms and electromagnetic fields, forces,currents, energies and charges.
    Most advanced diagnostic tools in Conventional Medicine uses the Science of Bio-Energetics. This refers to therapies that use an energy field such as electric, magnetic, sonic, or acoustic energy to give us information on the body's energetic field and help find imbalances, which are causing illness in the body.
    These subtle imbalances can indicate illness and/or precursors to potential illness, which may precede the physical/cellular manifestation of illness and to recognize and correct it before it becomes serious.
    Eastern medicine calls it homeostasis (a stable equilibrium). Eastern is balanced yin/yang. Compared to set norms for that exact meridian/acupuncture point, you are considered in or out of balance. Higher than normal numbers indicate excess, which can indicate an irritation or inflammation of that organ or organ system, which may be more of an acute problem. While lower than normal numbers may represent a deficiency, fatigue or degeneration of that organ/organ system, perhaps a chronic problem/long term.
   What is an acupuncture point? **Acupuncture works on the principal that there is a network of energy channels called meridians throughout the body. These have been mapped for the last 5000 years and verified by *modern research and technology. Different organs are associated with different energy meridians. *For additional research and studies look up studies by Chen 1996 and 1998, Jean-Claude Darras, Pierre de Vernejoul and Pierre Albarede 1992.


What is an acupuncture point?**Acupuncture points form the meridian, they cross skin, nerve, muscle, organ, blood vessels and other parts. By measuring an acupuncture point you determine the energy status of the organ of the meridian and all the structures that function along the meridian. Acupuncture points have also been found to have corresponding relationships with specific teeth and spinal vertebras and emotions.
   What is chi? What is a Meridian? **A Meridian is a pathway through the body. The meridian system relays a nutritive subtle energy, the Chinese call chi, from the environment to the nerves, blood vessel and deeper organs of the body via acupuncture points. Quote from book Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.