Lavender Fields Bath & Massage Oil (50ml)

SKU: LavenderFieldsBath&Massage Oil

Description: A traditional French fragrance. Calming, clean, uplifting and soothing for the mind, body and skin. Great for everyone. Helps achy, tense muscles and stressed bodies relax. Helps sooth mild sun burns & scrapes too. The Lavender oil has been used for many generations in beauty & medicinal products. It can be used to sooth mild burns, wounds, rashes, scratches & non- poisonous bug bites. It’s mild, sweet, calming scent, is great for tense, achy, inflamed, sore muscles & mild aches. It is softening, soothing gentle & calming for the skin of all ages. May help ease stress related neck tension, helping stress & tension headaches. Great gift for pregnant moms. Packaged in a high quality, beautiful cobalt blue/dark glass bottle to keep the product optimally therapeutic & safe of any plastic residue from plastic bottles.

Directions: Use on skin to soften & gently scent & moisturize. Can also be used to spot treat dry feet & elbows. Can be used as a bath & body oil or apply a small amount to damp skin after a shower. It is excellent therapeutic massage oil, used by many professional massage therapy clinics. It is suitable for all ages. 

Ingredients: Cold pressed Sunflower seed oil, 400 IU natural vitamin E oil, and Jojoba oil, 100% certified organic, fair-trade, pure and natural essential oil of Lavender from Provence, France. The best quality lavender essential oil available only from small sustainable farms, which distill the oils naturally, steam distilling with no solvents and low-pressure. It is picked at the best time of the day, and grown at an elevation of over 1200 metres to insure its premium, world-renowned quality. A Canadian company imports our oils.

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