Sleep Pillows (Large 3x5)

SKU: Sleep3By5

Description: Herbs used in it help you relax, promote sleep & calm busy, hyper minds. Great for everyone even children & pets. Include local, hand-picked Chamomile & Lavender Flowers and Organic Roses. Hand sewn, in attractive locally purchased fabric.

Directions: Place next to head or in your pillowcase. Fluff before use. Helps you to sleep, relax, calm the mind & ease hyperactivity. For babies place on bed side table not in cribs. 

Ingredients: Sacred mix of local, organic & wild-crafted, hand-picked herbs. Organic Chamomile flowers & organic chamomile essentials oils, Lavender flowers and organic lavender essential oils, organic Roses & rose essential oils & arrow root powder. No grains or fillers just herbs!

Price: $14.99