Dream Pillows (Large 3x5)

SKU: Dream3By5

Description: May help you to remember & enhance dreams. Herbs include Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lavender and other sacred, traditional and mystic dream herbs. Folklore has stated that these herbs were used in the past to perhaps help to better communicate with individuals ancestors and spirit guides in dreams, to gain information and insight. Do not use during pregnancy or for very young children due to the hormone balancing activities of the mugwort herb

Directions: Place next to head or in your pillowcase. Fluff before use.  

Ingredients: Sacred mix of local, 100% organic, pure, wild-crafted, and hand-picked herbs. Organic Chamomile flowers & Chamomile essential oils, Lavender flowers & Lavender essential oils, Roses & Rose essential oils, Hops, Mugwort, Sage, Cedar and Arrow Root powder. These are hand-sewn, in original , locally-purchased attractive fabric pillows shells. There are no fillers or grains in Flower Fairy Herbal Dream and Sleep Pillows. Only 100% herbs and natural essential oils.  

Price: $14.99