Kissing Potion Tingly Peppermint roll-on lip gloss (10 ml)

SKU: KissingPotionTinglyPeppermint10

Description: 100% certified organic, fair-trade, pure, natural essential oil of organic peppermint, to make a shining gloss to use on lips as is or over lipstick. These ingredients help to make lips shinier, sexy, and volumized with a mild tingling sensation and fresh peppermint flavour, taste and smell. Naturally moisturizing, protective and hydrating to keep lips softer and more kissable. This may foster more kissing!

Ingredients: 100% certified organic, fair-trade, pure natural essential oil of organic peppermint, in a base of sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, natural vitamin e oil, and jojoba oil.  In a clear glass bottle roll-on.

Directions: Roll on to lips to enhance their natural colour & beauty as is or it can be used over lipstick.

Cautions: Please avoid for younger children as the organic peppermint essential oil is very tingly. Discontinue if you find it is too tingly for those individual who have more sensitive lips. Note that this does not contain sunscreen but can be used with a natural sunscreen lipstick.

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