Magic Balm Natural Herbal Cortisone Alternative

Why Buy Flower Fairy Brand Magic Balm, The Natural Herbal Cortisone Alternative?

  • Flower Fairy Herbal Cortisone Alternative is more affordable than a prescription cream
  • We offer a natural alternative to traditional cortisone creams. 
  • It may help heal your condition for the long term. It does not
    just provide a short term cure only. Our product may help heal
    the underlying skin condition to bring your dermal layer back
    into balance, addressing the underlying cause.This may stimulate
    your own natural defences to help improve the condition more
  • There are on going studies on the long term use & side
    effects of traditional pharmaceutical topical cortisones &
    pharmaceutical anti-biotic creams. These studies have suggested
    traditional over use of the pharmaceutical anti-biotic products
    may lead to bacterial resistance & cortisone products to
    lack effectiveness over time.
  • Flower Fairy Magic Balm is much less expensive than similar
    natural cortisone creams. Similar products are over 50% more
  • Similar natural products use chemical preservative like sorbin
    acid. The scientific chemical name is 2,4-Hexadienoic,2-Propenyl
    Acrylic Acid. It has been linked with cancer in studies with
  • Flower Fairy uses natural ant-biotic herbs already in the
    formula to protect and heal your skin, which also protect
    microbial growth from occuring in our products. Other natural
    shelf extenders are included such as Vitamin E and grapefruit
    seed extract
  • It contains no water so you get a thicker, richer, healing cream
    that has a natural therapeutic base of olive oil. Olive
    oil itself is beneficial to the skin. Using olive oil bases has
    been used effectively and safely for generations in ointments.
  • Others competitors products have a base of water. Who wants to
    pay good money for a watered down product. Water is more apt to
    have micro-organisms in it. Oil does not readily allow
    micro-organisms to grown in its environment.
  •  Flower Fairy Products use no alcohol. Some competitors products
    contain alcohol in their base. We know alcohol is not good for
    tender, troubled skin, it dries it out more!
  • We never use petroleum bases in any of our products. Petroleum
    products such as mineral oil are so molecularly large they
    cannot penetrate the dermal layers to heal. These hydro-carbon
    oil and waxes actually interrupt the therapeutic benefits of the
    natural oils and essential oils, by not carrying them through
    to the dermal layers to facilitate their moisturizing and healing
    effects." (5,12) Petroleum products go as far as to harm the
    skin by inhibiting its ability to absorb moisture, water and
    nutrients. This causes a moisture loss on the skins surface.
    Mineral oil and petroleum products are all bi-products of the
    oil manufacturing industry
  • Magic Balm can be used also as a great multi-purpose salve,
    great for the first aid kit. It uses 10 herbs including
    echinacea, goldenseal, calendula, evening primrose oil & red
  • Similar products have clinically tested to have a 90% success with eczema/dermatitis.
  • For  years many satisfied customers  have written letters
    stating they find it beneficial for eczema, dry skin, dermatitis,
    rashes, scrapes, minor burns, mild shingles & some psoriasis
    cases, along with many other types of positive results.
  • This product has been effectively used on pets as well as people.