Lily Of The Valley Linen, Air Body Spray (4 oz)

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It grows throughout Europe in shade hardwood forest and gardens. Its a
well know to ingredient in world perfumery and cosmetics .It has a very
unique, and intoxicating sweet scent, with beautiful little white lace
tipped, mini flowers which look like upside down bells or bonnets.

Fresh, Hand Picked, Home Grown,
Lily of the
Flower Heads, & Natural
& Fragrance
Lily of the
Essential Oils, 800 IU Natural Vitamin E Oil,
Jojoba Oil & In A Base Energized Reverse Osmosis H20, Grapefruit
Seed Extract & Food Grade Grain Alcohol. Bottled in a hard plastic
cobalt blue spray bottle

Shake well before using.

For these reasons it is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. It is the only essential oil Flower Fairy Herbal Healers use that is a blend of natural and synthetic essential oil of jasmine. This enables the consumer to have access to this normally, unavailable. This is possible due to the blend is a significantly lower price. However the natural components and natural properties are still included and thus it is still beneficial in it's properties. We are always aware of the source and quality of all our essential oils. 

Directions: Shake well before using. Use as an air, body and line spray. Spritz a bit away from item. This can be used in for calming, especially on bedroom and lightly mist on non-delicate pillows and bed linens to help calm & soothe the body & mind, encourage a peaceful slumber and increase dreamtime. It’s pleasant fragrance can be also used room in bathrooms, in the air to freshen or to reduce odours. Clean may be a useful spritz.



Shake well before using.

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