Lily of the Valley Perfume Refill (15 ml)

SKU: LilyPerfumeRefill15ml

An economically priced, blue/amber glass bottle, to pour in as a refill for the Refillable Beautiful 3-piece Lily of the Valley Perfume Glass Gold Atomizer spray bottle. 


Description: Lily of the valley grows throughout Europe in shade hardwood forest and gardens. Its a well know to ingredient in world perfumery and cosmetics .It has a very unique, and intoxicating sweet scent, with beautiful little white lace tipped, mini flowers which look like upside down bells or bonnets.

Ingredients: Natural & Fragrance Lily of the valley Essential Oils, Cold Pressed Sunflower Seed, in a base energized reverse osmosis H20, grapefruit seed extract & food grade gain alcohol, Natural Vitamin E Oil &  Jojoba Oil. In a blue/amber glass bottle.

Shake well before using.

Price: $12.99