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Arnica Balm

Arnica Balm

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A well-known herb used widely in Europe and traditionally grown and harvested in their mountains. The Arnica Montana flowers are used to make a healing herbal salve that many practitioners, physiotherapists & athletes use for any non-open wound, sprain, bruise, bump, pulled muscle or on sore, inflamed, over-worked muscles and joints.

Great to help relieve those tense neck muscles that can lead to stress headaches or use on tired or achy sore feet, or stiff sore low backs. This oil  has been thickened with local fresh bees wax. This gives it a thicker, semi-solid consistency similar to a salve or cream-style product.

Directions: Both the oil or salve is for external topical use only. Great to use as a therapeutic, extra-healing massage oil on tense, sore, aching muscles. Use on bruises, sprains & arthritis, tense neck muscles or on inflammation or sore joints. May speed recovery after exercise or trauma.

Ingredients: Hand-picked, Victoria-grown, organic, fresh arnica Montana flowers, cold-pressed, extra virgin sunflower seed and olive oils, bees wax, natural vitamin E & jojoba oils & may include grapefruit seed extract.  Packaged in an amber glass jar.

Cautions: Do not use on open or bleeding skin. External use only.

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Extra packing material like boxes are not used - only minimal packaging to reduce waste and energy.

Glass, plastic bottles, droppers are fully recyclable.

High quality dark glass bottles for better preservation.

Plastic is PET, BPA free, 100% recyclable and highly sustainable.


USA/North American Certified Organic, Non-GMO ingredients, no synthetic processed oils, gluten free, Vegan, no animal cruelty, paraben free, none of the harmful chemicals or preservatives which can be hidden in the label under various names.

Ingredients are always ethically and sustainably sourced.






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