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Peppermint Bath & Massage Oil (50 mL)

Peppermint Bath & Massage Oil (50 mL)

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Eucalyptus is a stimulating & refreshing essential oil. It is used externally for inflammation, muscle aches & pains. It has cell regeneration properties & increases circulation. It is known for its anti-viral, anti-fungal, & anti-bacterial properties. Rosemary is stimulating & energizing, increases circulation, and it may help in decreasing, joint pains, muscle aches & spasms. Increases cell renewal & drainage, headaches, & nausea. May help fights infection & germs & head colds. Peppermint aids fatigue, nausea headaches, reduces inflammation & swelling from strains/sprains, calms & soothes muscles, relaxes tense muscles/spasms.

DirectionsUse on sore, tired, inflamed, over worked muscles, joints, inflammation & arthritic conditions. For sports injuries & after exercise. Use on feet to revitalize tired, sore, hot, burning, achy feet. Can also help with headaches/head colds with inhaling or in a bath.

Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint Essential Oils, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, & natural vitamin E.

Cautions: Avoid with high blood pressure or history of seizures due to the cautions associated with certain essential oils. Avoid in pregnancy due to peppermints effects on slowing mothers milk flow.

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Extra packing material like boxes are not used - only minimal packaging to reduce waste and energy.

Glass, plastic bottles, droppers are fully recyclable.

High quality dark glass bottles for better preservation.

Plastic is PET, BPA free, 100% recyclable and highly sustainable.


USA/North American Certified Organic, Non-GMO ingredients, no synthetic processed oils, gluten free, Vegan, no animal cruelty, paraben free, none of the harmful chemicals or preservatives which can be hidden in the label under various names.

Ingredients are always ethically and sustainably sourced.






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