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Pregnant Belly Smoother Cream

Pregnant Belly Smoother Cream

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Super nourishing, rich & moisturizing for everyone’s skin. Especially for those prone to stretch marks of any type (Pregnancy, exercise, weight changes, aging skin) & for dry skin. It includes Lavender oil - a traditional french fragrance.

Calming, clean, uplifting & soothing for the mind, body & skin. Great for everyone. Helps achy, tense muscles & stressed bodies relax. Helps sooth mild sun burns & scrapes too. A soothing, healing, nutritive, moisturizing & protective salve for skin with 100% pure cocoa butter & pure, natural coconut oil. It may help skin feel younger & silkier, with the silky, protective, powers of the added natural, pure vitamin E. A natural anti-oxidant, anti-free radical, age defining oil.

Directions: Use to help soften rough, dry skin especially the elbows & feet. Can apply on skin, on stretch marks or as a preventive for potential stretch marks. Cocoa butter has been promoted as a safe & effective treatment for pregnant belly smoothing. It may help ease and soften anyone’s stretch marks. Use on skin to soften & gently scent & moisturize. A small amount can also be used on baby's skin after bath while their skin is still damp to seal in moisture & protect and calm. Can be used as a bath & body oil or apply a small amount to damp skin after a shower. It is excellent therapeutic massage oil, used by many professional massage therapy clinics.

Ingredients: Lavender, organic, fair trade, 100% certified organic, pure & natural essential oil of lavender from Provence, France (it is sourced from small sustainable farms, which distill the oils naturally with no solvents, in low-pressure steam distillation. It is picked at the best time of the day and grown on an elevation of over 1200 meters to insure it’s premium, world- renowned quality.) Organic Coconut oil (fair trade,100% certified organic made from hand selected fresh coconuts from the Philippine Isles of Quezon), Cocoa butter, 400 iu of natural vitamin E oil, jojoba & sunflower seed oil. A small amount of local bees wax maybe added to thicken. Packaged in cobalt blue/dark glass bottle.

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Extra packing material like boxes are not used - only minimal packaging to reduce waste and energy.

Glass, plastic bottles, droppers are fully recyclable.

High quality dark glass bottles for better preservation.

Plastic is PET, BPA free, 100% recyclable and highly sustainable.


USA/North American Certified Organic, Non-GMO ingredients, no synthetic processed oils, gluten free, Vegan, no animal cruelty, paraben free, none of the harmful chemicals or preservatives which can be hidden in the label under various names.

Ingredients are always ethically and sustainably sourced.






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